Welcome to TCAT Newbern

The Tennessee College of Applied Technology Newbern is accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education and is a Tennessee Board of Regents Institution.


The Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology serve as the premier suppliers of workforce development throughout the State of Tennessee. The Colleges fulfill their mission by:

Providing competency-based training through superior quality, traditional and distance learning instruction methods that qualify completers for employment and job advancement;             

Contributing to the economic and community development of the communities served by training and retraining employed workers;

Ensuring that programs and services are economical and accessible to all residents of Tennessee; and

Building relationships of trust with community, business, and industry leaders to supply highly skilled workers in areas of need.


The Tennessee College of Applied Technology Newbern will be known for the quality of its programs, the wise use of its resources, and a commitment to student access, diversity and student success.